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Hate leads to Anger, Anger leads to a donation ?

We’ve all looked like that guy. First thing in the morning or on your way to work, you log into your social media account and see someone powerful saying something awful. I bet for some of you, it may even have inspired a donation or two.

In this age where politicians, corporations and even celebrities seem to be driven to push us all apart, it’s easy to feel alone in your despair. ¬†Especially if you like me, are part of the ‘metropolitan liberal elite’, you might find your views unpopular with the elected officials. With President Trump causing mass revolt with his stance on women’s rights and Prime Minister May triggering further desperation for the state of the UK National Health Service, local communities are taking action more than ever before.

So with that in mind I suppose it makes total sense that Trigger, a US firm has decided to launch a twitter based platform ‘TriggerGive’ to encourage “Rage Fundraising” or “Retaliatory giving”.

The platform tracks twitter activity and so all it takes is a tweet to include the donation and hash tag to make your donation. This can be done in reply to the issue that outrages you, which itself features a more meaningful response. This, Trigger argues, is a better response than defriending or unfollowing accounts on social media platforms. It means more for the organisation and the cause you support and speaks volumes to like minded and those in opposition to your view.

Trigger was founded as a way to vent frustration on social media in regards to aggravating posts by doing something positive donating. We like to call it ‘Retaliatory Giving’.


This is fairly obviously targeted at a select group of digitally activist donors…but could this target audience grow? The convenience is real.

Checkout www.triggergive.com for more.

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  1. Beth

    9th Mar 2017 - 9:59 am

    This is a really intriguing proposition. Though will it work both ways? Trigger sounds liberally focused, but will it allow for/support donations to now conservative or even very right wing causes?

    • Brendan

      11th Mar 2017 - 2:29 am

      Thanks for your comment Beth! And it’s a great question. I bet you are right about the liberal disposition. Better yet, when conservatives tend to have better funded campaigns might they end up putting their money where their mouth is more effectively?

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